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Skincare: It Starts on the Surface

Welcome back to I Am King. Now that we are moving into the colder months of winter, it’s about time that we discuss skincare. Maintaining the beard starts with taking great care of your skin. This starts with choosing the proper products and maintaining a regular beard washing schedule.

Where Should You Start?

Choosing the proper products for your face is an experimental process. You could try something today and realize a few weeks later that it isn’t doing exactly what you would like for it to do, or it could be perfect! Recommendations from others could also help in this situation. The answer to something you’re unsure about could be found in someone else.

Shop around for products in multiple locations such as Target or Walmart, where the prices are lower and there’s a large variety of items. Now, let’s talk product type.

The Proper Shampoo

Shampooing at least twice a week will help lessen the amount of buildup on your facial hair and in your skin. Removing dirt and oil will allow your skin to breath, and help your beard flourish. Currently, Respected Roots carries a Foaming Beard Co-Wash filled with all natural products.

Beard Butter

Follow up every wash with a beard butter in order to refuel your beard with those oils that might have been stripped during the shampoo process. The Respected Roots Beard Butters are sold in a variety of scents including original, tropical and royalty. Beard butters act as a strengthening agent for the beard. Prevent breakage and tangling by moisturizing your beard properly after a thorough wash. A daily use of the beard butter will add all of the moisture that you may need.

Extra Tips

Oils: Peppermint oil helps with dryness, itchiness or problems with the scalp such as a loss of hair. Are you concerned with the patchiness of your beard? Add a dab of peppermint oil to the thinner parts of your beard during your daily routine. Jamaican black castor oil is sold in plenty of different scents such as mango and lime and has just as many benefits as peppermint oil. A daily dose of either of these will help with the growth and fullness of the beard. Both are sold on Amazon for as low as $6.00.

Picking & Massaging: Massaging the skin under your beard should be a part of your daily routine. This will stimulate blood flow, and eventually lead to quicker hair growth. A pick or comb will help keep the tangles to a minimum, hence less breakage and healthier hair.

It’s important to remember that what works for some, will not work for all. Everyone is different and it takes plenty of practice before you’ll be able to establish a proper skincare and beard care routine. What steps do you include in your daily routine? What products would you recommend? We would love to hear from you all below in the comment section.

Author: Aliyah Warren

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