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Overnight Growth?

So many pictures seem to surface every day of men with full, luscious, perfectly sculpted beards. But, just HOW are men growing their beards? Is there a magical pill that everyone seems to know about? Are there overnight miracles that we aren’t aware of? No. The answer to all of your questions is, simply, no. There is no overnight sensational product that will help you grow a full face of hair. What I can tell you is that with a bit of tender love and care, there is hope for you.

1. Water

Yes, H20 might be the solution to your issues.  If you’re dehydrated, drinking juices and sodas everyday, it’s less than likely that your beard will be flourishing this season. How about at least 4 glasses of water a day, as a starter to a healthier, happier you? Usually, it is expected that we drink 8 glasses a day, but we’re going to take baby steps.

2. Diet
What foods are you putting into your body? One large meal a day that consists of high fructose corn syrup and a list of other ingredients you most likely can't name? Today is the day to change your diet. Foods such as whole grains or eggs could stimulate hair growth. Also, fruits and vegetables such as spinach and other leafy greens.

3. Shaving Products
Are you shaving with an old razor from 3 months ago that you found on your bathroom counter? Are you forced to hold small pieces of cotton to your face in order to absorb the blood because you shaved improperly? Here’s the link to an article with a few more tips on how to shave your beard. Proper shaving techniques could help prevent razor bumps and a burning face due to cuts and scrapes. Also, products such as the Respected Roots Shea Butter can be used after shaving as a moisturizer. It comes in scents such as Tropical and Royalty. There’s also an Original scent for those of you who might have sensitive skin.

4. Exfoliate

What does it mean to exfoliate? Exfoliating is the scrubbing of excess skin with a product such as an exfoliating brush or glove. These products have a granulated surface that has a texture that will pull any dead skin cells from your skin. This will allow your new hairs to grow in comfortably and properly on your face. No razor bumps, no dark marks, just smoooooth skin!

If there are any other tips that you all might want to leave down below, feel free to share!

Photo Credit: The Trent


  • Purchased this product doing Essence weekend 2018 from guy at your tent and I am very pleased with the product. I will be making future purchases.

    Terran Robinson
  • I recently purchased the body butter at the women’s expo and I am really impressed. I have psoriasis and it has actually started to clear up. I’ve tried numerous products and never had any luck. A little goes a long way and my skin feels extremely soft. I will most definitely be ordering this again.

    Samantha Haynes

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