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How Do You Maintain a Healthy Beard During the Fall and Winter?

Welcome back to the Respected Roots: I AM KING blog page. Today’s post is about maintaining the health of your beard during those cold months. It’s currently November and we are approaching the coldest time of year. This is usually when our hair will be at it’s most fragile. The harsh winds, constant weather changes and ill-preparation could possibly have negative effects on the outcome of your facial hair.


It Starts With a Daily Routine

Are you washing, moisturizing and detangling your beard? What are you doing to make sure your beard can endure the harsh climate of the Fall and Winter? The hair and skin are extremely dry during these seasons, so you must make sure you have a proper daily grooming routine that provides the extra moisture.


You can pair the Respected Roots Foaming Beard Conditioning Wash (aka Co-Wash) and Beard Conditioner for daily maintenance care. The co-wash is created with natural cleansing and conditioning ingredients that will keep the beard soft, detangled, conditioned, and bacteria free. The co-wash formula is infused with natural ingredients such as shea butter, virgin coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil.


Follow up your cleansing regimen with the Respected Roots Beard Conditioner for extra moisture is key. We offer a scent for any occasion – Original, Tropical, and Royalty scents. Our beard conditioners include natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, apricot oil, vitamin E oil, grape seed oil, and tea tree oil. Once applied in the morning, you are all set for the day!


A Little Heavy on the Conditioner

After doing a bit of research of the effects of cold weather on the hair, it’s clear that a little extra conditioner goes a long way! It is important that your beard conditioner has multiple natural conditioning agents like shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E oil to strengthen the base of the beard – YOUR SKIN (and hair follicles)! The natural conditioners will also help heal split ends and prevent further breakage. That extra moisture will soften your beard, leaving it reasonably easier to manage. Those brittle ends will be gone for good!


Bundling Up

Don’t be afraid to throw on a scarf before heading out into that frigid air. Protect your beloved beard from possible breakage and dryness. A soft, manageable beard is a happy beard!


Photo Credits: Pexels, Pexels

Written By: Aliyah Warren

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