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Skin and Facial Hair Cleansing 101: Why Is It Important?

Are you cleansing your facial hair properly? Most men use regular shampoo or body washes to wash their beards, and they are unaware it should not be done. Facial hair differs greatly from the head hair; it is thicker, coarser, and more susceptible to contamination and environmental hazards.

1.  Prevent dryness and irritation.
Facial hair can sometimes cause the skin underneath to itch. To avoid dryness and irritation, facial hair must be cared for and well-groomed with a moisturizing cleanser. Our Foaming Beard Co-Wash is created from a gentle blend of natural and organic ingredients for cleansing your beard without drying the skin and hair. Our formula is infused with natural ingredients such as shea butter, virgin coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil - serving as a cleanser, antiseptic, antioxidant, sunblock and skin moisturizer.

2.  Prevent infection.

Thick facial hair traps bacteria and can lead to various infections (and not just of the skin..not just for the guy..but also those around him). Facial hair, due to its thickness and curliness, traps food particles and environmental contaminants, as well as mucus and saliva. The end result is a very fertile breeding ground for bacteria.

Research has shown that lack of care of facial hair can lead to a number of bacterial infections including folliculitis, which I promise looks as bad as it sounds! Folliculitis is an infection in which the skin becomes inflamed and irritable - in some cases, whiteheads or bumps might appear. Using a special facial hair cleanser at least once a day will reduce the risk of infection.

3.  Softer, more manageable facial hair.
A special facial hair cleanser makes the facial hair softer and easier to groom and shape.

Check out Respected Roots Foaming Beard Co-Wash! It is an essential product for today's bearded man. The organic and natural ingredients contained in the shampoo gently cleanse the hair, while keeping the underlying skin well-moisturized, ensuring proper, gentle care.

Written By: Aliyah Warren

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