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Respected Roots was conceptualized in 2015 through the creation of our beard butter. In a personal search for a high-quality beard grooming product, it was discovered that there was a demand for a cost-effective product that could naturally produce results of a healthier beard. Through a series of testing and development, our Original Scent Beard Butter was produced and brought to the market for mass consumption.Today, we carry a variety of products ranging from beard butter to body butters. The key ingredients of our product line naturally produce the emollients, protectants, antiseptics, and antioxidants that create optimal skin and hair health.

At the core of our brand is the belief that we can be the change that we wish to see. As Respected Roots grows, we are proud to know that the entire family can trust our full line of products. We are focused on creating a brand legacy that incorporates legacy within our communities and families as well.


Jason L Hawkins, Co-Creator, positions the company to be competitive within its industry by creating effective target marketing/sales campaigns, innovative product concepts, and optimal customer service skills.

Acquired through education and experience, his sound leadership ability and business acumen brings to us efficient sales and operational processes.His mission is to expand the Respected Roots brand internationally in the men’s grooming marketplace. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship and Masters in Information Systems Management.


Jaret Patterson, Co-Creator, positions the company to be competitive within its industry by taking innovative product concepts to the development of a full premier product line.His superior craftsmanship and engineering skills creates our brand exclusivity through cultivating and handcrafting all-natural ingredients gathered from around the world. He brings modern wisdom of natural, holistic personal care through his exposure to generations of family tradition and knowledge.