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Respected Roots Shaving Brush

Respected Roots Shaving Brush

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Respected Roots Shaving Brush is perfect for creating the rich & thick lather needed to provide a protective barrier between your soft skin and your sharp razor. This is key in promoting a clean shave that won't irritate or overdry your skin.

Use our Brush along with our King's Shave Shaving Cream by implementing the following steps:

  1. Use lukewarm soap and water to thoroughly wash the area of your skin that you intend to shave - removing any sweat, dirt, or bacteria.
  2. Apply a generous amount of water directly to the Shaving Brush
  3. While the Shaving Brush is still wet, use quick whipping motions to generate a thick lather with the Shaving Cream. 
  4. Use the Shaving Brush to apply the whipped shaving cream directly to the skin.
  5. Shave as desired

Shaving Tips - *When you're finished shaving, rinse and towel dry the shaving brush and store it in an open area with plenty of circulating air, allowing the brush bristles to dry. Also, remove as much water as possible from the Shaving Cream container.