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All Respected Roots products are curated with natural ingredients to bring out the very best in your hair and skin. Additionally, we have select products that are fragrance free and have proven to be effective, yet gentle on the most sensitive skin types.

I have very sensitive skin and this butter did not aggravate my skin at all!!! This left my skin feeling absolutely amazing. 10/10

Jaron F.
I don’t know what y’all put in the sensitive skin body butter, but BABY!!! I have a pretty severe case of eczema and this stuff is the only all natural product that keeps my skin moisturized and keeps me from itching. The winter months are the most brutal on my skin. I also ordered the sensitive skin body wash and am very pleased with the results so far. I was so anxious to use the products that I forgot to take before and after pictures. But I am in love with these products and will definitely be buying more soon!
Ananda Speach

Respected Roots Body Butter (Unscented for Sensitive Skin 8oz)

$ 22.99

Respected Roots Body Butter is a unisex total body moisturizer - made using only natural, premium ingredients such as Shea Butter, Tea Tree Oil, and Apricot Oil. This product should be used daily to help eliminate dryness, leaving you feeling soft & smooth and providing a healthy sheen to your skin without being too oily. Traditional lotions and body creams are ineffective because they can contain up to 80% water, while our premium formula contains no water at all. This means that our product wi ...

Respected Roots Hand Sanitizer

$ 10.99

Respected Roots Hand Sanitizer Our hand sanitizer kills 99% of germs and bacteria. Benefits: Aloe leaves hands feeling soft and smooth. Our formula is not sticky, dries quickly. Pleasant fresh & clean scent.

Respected Roots Razor Bump Solution

$ 24.99

Respected Roots Razor Bump Solution reduces the unsightly appearance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps by reducing puffiness from swelling and gently thinning the uppermost layer of skin (epidermis) allowing your hair to fully exit your pores instead of curling up and burrowing underneath the skin. Razor bumps are painful and they don't look good, so you want them to go away as quickly as possible. That's why we use premium ingredients such as Willow Bark and Licorice Root Extracts. These two ing ...

Respected Roots Foaming Co-wash (7oz. each)

$ 24.99

Respected Roots Foaming Co-Wash (7 oz. each) Gently clean your face and Beard without over-drying your skin with Respected Roots Foaming Co-wash. Traditional body wash and soaps are notorious for removing too much of the oil that your body naturally produces leaving your skin feeling dry, tight, and restricting hair growth. Olive Oil is used in our formula so it won't over-dry your skin, creating the best conditions for hydration and growing a healthy beard. This product has a light, clean scent ...

Respected Roots Beard Conditioner - Unscented (4 oz.)

$ 22.99

Our Unscented Beard Conditioner has no added scent. The light scent of Cocoa Butter and Tea Tree oil can be detected in this formula. Respected Roots Beard Conditioners are curated with natural ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E oil and Tea Tree oil, just to name a few. Our products will eliminate dandruff and itchiness, prevent breakage, prevent split ends and promote hair growth to help fill-in dry, "patchy" facial hair. Growing a healthy beard starts with healthy skin so we focus on ...