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A black-owned company reveals how it is revolutionizing the beard car industry, for men of color!

Thousands of Americans are raving about Atlanta-based beard care brand Respected Roots. Apparently, they came up with the perfect solution... 

21st Aug, 2023 - 3min 15sec reading time

1. King-like beard in less than 2 minutes per day

Growing the best beard of your life does not have to come with an annoyingly long routine. 

Simply go through your Respected Roots protocol in the morning in less than 2 minutes and it's done. (although you will probably start enjoying it!)

2. Regular beard care is NOT designed for ethnic skin

Regular beard care is ineffective for men of color. Our hair (often 4b/4c) needs special treatment to grow healthy.

Jaret Patterson, one half of Respected Roots, specifically curated all products without water and used only natural ingredients to create products that improve your skin and maximize beard growth.

3. Proven all-natural formula

You would be surprised what toxic ingredients you will find in regular beard care: Sulfates, Phthalates, Formaldehyde and the list goes on.

These ingredients cause more harm than good and often result in itchiness, breakage and overall being ineffective. Respected Roots is all-natural, baby.

4. A black-owned business that FINALLY gets it

It was important for the two beard kings, Jaret and Jason, to not only formulate highest quality beard care but also build a business that gives back to the community and encourages its customers to become the best version of themselves.



5. Brotherhood Initiative

Respected Roots is more than a beard care brand. Jason and Jaret are both passionate about elevating their platform to restore confidence into communities by promoting positive change and social empowerment.

The goal of the "Brotherhood Initiative? To Train, develop and arm young men with the necessary social-economic leadership skills that will position them to be the most successful in life.

4.9/5 rating - over 1000 reviews

Loved By Hundreds of Bearded Kings

5/5 rating

Finally!!!! I found a product that works for my beard, that also smells AMAZING! I have already recommended Respected Roots to my bearded friends.

Robert S. D.

Beard Care Kit (Tropical)

5/5 rating

This beard product really works! I noticed new growth, many of the patchy areas are starting fill in more and the beard texture started to change. 

Jonathan C.

Beard Care Kit (Royalty)

5/5 rating

My Husband loves the products. He actually requested that I stop his automatic delivery of another brand and replace it with Respected Roots. I LOVE the scents. 

Carmen R.

Beard Care Kit (Original)

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RR Complete Beard Care Kit

Our Complete Beard Care Kit Has EVERYTHING you need to care for your beard! This Kit includes one of each of the following items:

Foaming Co-Wash: Gently cleanses your beard and face without overdrying.

Beard Conditioner: Promotes hair growth by adding all-day hydration to your skin and beard.

Beard Oil: Softens beard, adds sheen, smells amazing, and fights gray hair due to the anti-aging properties in our premium oils.

RR Wooden Pick: Glides through your beard much easier than plastic or metal materials, which can snatch your hair out from the root and cause more harm than good.

Choose your Beard Conditioner Scent: 







My beard grows in more thick and beautiful! I use it right after the shower and in the morning before going into work! Love it, will continue to buy more products!!


Ladies Will Love Your New Beard Game

Enjoy a thicker, healthier, and more manageable beard that'll turn necks every time you're out on the street.

Curated with Natural Ingredients

Every product is made with fresh, natural, and organic ingredients. If our ingredients were any more natural, you'd be rubbing plants on your face.

More Than A Beard Care Brand

Jason and Jaret are passionate about giving back to local communities by promoting positive change and social empowerment.