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Respected Roots was conceptualized in 2015 through the creation of our beard butter. In a personal search for a high-quality beard grooming product, it was discovered that there was a demand for a cost-effective product that could naturally produce results of a healthier beard. Through a series of testing and development, our Original Scent Beard Butter was produced and brought to the market for mass consumption.Today, we carry a variety of products ranging from beard butter to body butters. The key ingredients of our product line naturally produce the emollients, protectants, antiseptics, and antioxidants that create optimal skin and hair health.

At the core of our brand is the belief that we can be the change that we wish to see. As Respected Roots grows, we are proud to know that the entire family can trust our full line of products. We are focused on creating a brand legacy that incorporates legacy within our communities and families as well.

Sold in four locations in Kingston, Jamaica

Six physical locations established throughout the US in 2020

2018 COSMOPROF North America Best New Innovative Brand Winner

Partnership with Amazon Prime

Sold in over 3,400 retail locations (i.e., barbershops, beauty salons, and beauty supply stores)

Sold over 20,000 copies of the Respected Roots Magazine Inaugural Issuenational distribution

Featured on national television, TV One’s Sister Circle; CW69 Atlanta’s Focus Atlanta; CBS46 News' Astrid in Atlanta; AIB Network's Women on the Move talk show with Kim McNair; and KISS 104.1 FM Atlanta's Interview with Twanda Black


Respected Roots is more than a brand…it is a culture! Hawkins and Patterson are both passionate about elevating their platform to restore confidence into communities by promoting positive change and social empowerment. Not only are they known for creating an industry-leading grooming line for men, they also continue to gain notoriety across the U.S. for their community involvement with their non-profit organization, Brotherhood Initiative and their Respected Roots Magazine.

Respected Roots Brotherhood Initiative has partnered with a number of County District offices and school systems within the metropolitan Atlanta area to implement various community revitalization and youth programs. The program curriculum includes:

•Financial Literacy



•Collegiate Planning and Scholarships

•Effective Communication

•Etiquette/Grooming Practices

•Conflict Resolution

Carver STEAM Academy located in Atlanta, Georgia dedicated a Video & Audio Engineering Studio in the name of Respected Roots in 2020 anticipating the growth of The Brotherhood Initiative Programming.

Respected Roots Magazine is the voice of today's culture. As stated by Hawkins, "We wanted to provide a platform for men, for our voices to be heard about topics within the culture that affect us most. We hear people talking about us, we hear people talking at us, but no one has really been talking to us to see how we feel in our communities. We share the male perspective on what we want for our children today, what we would like to see in our communities, and what we would like to see in our homes and churches. It's also a platform to restore confidence in our communities with men. This platform gives men an opportunity to join in the conversation."

Respected Roots Magazine contains content that empowers, uplifts and informs men. With articles that include topics about financial management, generational wealth, relationships, politics, travel and physical/mental health - their magazine is in a lane by itself. This magazine simultaneously debunks old cliches and stereotypes while presenting Black and Brown men in an authentic light. Over time, the magazine will show the world that Black and Brown men are not all one monolithic race, but a diverse powerful people.

The next edition of Respected Roots Magazine will be released in Winter 2021!

Respected Roots experienced new levels of expansion during 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Six locations were opened and are fully functioning throughout the southern US and East Coast. In addition, Respected Roots products became available in four high traffic locations in Kingston, Jamaica!

From Jason Hawkins, Co-Owner: "We announce with much respect and joy in our souls, the Respected Roots personal grooming line is now available throughout the beautiful Caribbean island countries of Jamaica and Cayman Islands! Jaret and me look forward to serving all of the Caribbean communities with premium, natural products to satisfy their families hair and skin care needs."

Travel and event appearances were limited during 2020, but Respected Roots left it's mark and grew off of in-person interactions at various conferences, expos, and industry events across the country since it's inception.

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